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What are the advantages of POD?

  • Besides lowering the unit cost of short-run printing, Print On Demand allows the customer to keep fewer copies of its books, catalogs, manuals or other printed items in stock, thus reducing storage space and handling costs.
  • And because the customer’s inventory levels can be kept low, Print On Demand helps reduce the chance of being stuck with printing that has become obsolete.
  • With Print On Demand, you only order items as you need them.
  • Prof. Fomum has authored more than 100 titles and we can no longer cope with the production of all these titles using traditional book production procedures. As such, print on demand comes in handy to meet the ever-growing demand of our books
  • With POD, ZTF books will be produced to meet demand, so all the titles will always be in stock.
  • There are no upfront costs and no need to carry inventory
Updated on July 6, 2023

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