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CMFI on social media

Here listed is a growing collection of some of our prominent social media profiles and accounts, spanning from CMFI departments, and local churches to individuals, carrying an aspect of our vision

If you are or know someone who handles any such social media outlet associated with our goal and vision, drop a comment below.

CMFI YouTube Channels

  1. ZTF Ministry (official)
  2. Koume News
  3. RTVC [English]
  4. RTVC Koume
  5. ZTF Music Academy
  6. Youth and Student Ministry
  7. Who is Professor Fomum?
  8. Christian Literature Club
  9. Christlicher Litteratur Club – Deutsch
  10. ZTF Legacy
  11. World Conquest Communication Movies
  12. Bible Camps Recap

CMFI on TikTok

  1. cmfionline
  2. A chosen generation
  3. ZTF books—1
  4. ZTF books—2
  5. CMFI United Kingdom
  6. ZTF Quotes
  7. ZTF Legacy
  8. ZTF Music Academy
  9. Club Literature Chretien
  10. CMFI Finland
Updated on October 2, 2023

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