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How many websites does CMFI has?

CMFI has a main website that serves as a portal and gateway to the other dedicated websites serving the departments, institutions, and nations. We also have utility websites that provide a variety of services to help the brethren on the field in the accomplishment of their respective tasks and assignments.

Below is a listing of the various websites associated with our ministry.

CMFI Departments

CMFI Institutions

CMFI Nations

  • North America

  • South America

    • CMFI Brazil
  • Europe

    • CMFI Germany
    • CMFI Luxemburg
    • CMFI France
    • CMFI UK
    • CMFI Nordic Nations [Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland]
    • CMFI Poland
    • CMFI Belgium
    • CMFI Netherlands
    • CMFI Switzerland
    • CMFI Italy
    • CMFI Spain
    • CMFI Portugal
    • CMFI Austria
    • CMFI Czech Republic
  • Africa

  • Asia

    • CMFI India
    • CMFI China
    • CMFI South Korea
  • Oceania

    • CMFI Australia
    • CMFI New Zealand

CMFI Blogs

CMFI Utility Portals



Updated on November 24, 2023

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